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If you haven’t bought beer mats before, then there is a good chance you will have a few questions and we will attempt to answer them right here.

First and foremost, we want to put you at ease, we are a real manufacturer of real beer mats. To put that into context, although we have an internet presence, we are not a ‘virtual manufacturer’. Our factory and offices are based in Northampton, England. Some resellers of beer mats would have you believe they are manufacturers in the hope it will set your mind at rest. Don’t be fooled! They don’t control production and just stand in line like everyone else.

So, why the emphasis on REAL beer mats? Simply put, people expect beer mats to be functional, that is to say they should be able to soak up the drips and mop up the spills. This is achieved by using a highly absorbent pulp-wood substrate and then printing directly on to the board. Some would have you believe that printing onto a piece of paper and then gluing it to a piece of board will give you a real beer mat. It may look like one but, put it to the test. Although it doesn’t take a huge amount of imagination to work out what happens when you put this type ‘of beer mat’ anywhere near water. Enough said!
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The chances are you have heard about how cost effective beer mat marketing is and, you would be in excellent company. From small businesses through to Government departments, multi-nationals and even political parties, all have benefited from using our beer mats to advertise their wares, promote their messages, brand their products or deliver important messages.

20 years ago, Thirstys lead the market by introducing a new production method that brought beer mat advertising within reach of virtually any business or, for that matter, individual. No longer was beer mat advertising the exclusive preserve of the major breweries and multi-nationals. First we introduced a minimum order quantity of 2,500 and, over the past few years, we have further developed the manufacturing process to reduce the minimum quantity for bespoke, full colour litho printed beer mats to just 50 mats! Of course, most people order considerably more, but we treat every one of our customers to the same high level of service irrespective of whether they are buying 50 beer mats or 1 million.

We are also a responsible manufacturer. There is a good deal of information contained on this website but, if you prefer to speak to real people, then you are most welcome to call our office. if you do, the you will probably hear the faint noise of our printing press in the background. A reassuring sound for any prospective buyer.

Eco Friendly

We purchase our board from suppliers that use wood fibres sourced from sustainable forest and we use vegetable oil based inks for our printing.

Real Beer Mats

Our beer mats are manufactured and printed by us using a thick and thirsty wood pulp fibre board. Litho-printed in full colour directly onto the board.


As well as offering volume breaks starting at just 50 mats! We can also offer non-standard sizes, custom shapes, hot foil stamping and letterpress printing.