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If you haven’t used beer mats to market or advertise your business, event or product, then you really are missing a trick. With little fear of contradiction, we can confidently state that the humble beer mat is likely the most cost effective marketing tool there is. Don’t take our word for it just take a quick look at our Beer Mat Gallery and you will get a taste of those businesses and organisations that have used our beer mats.

Take any sector and we have probably produced beer mats for a good cross-section. For example sports; we have produced beer mats either for or, on behalf of; rugby clubs, national football teams, golf clubs, tennis and squash clubs, rowing clubs, diving clubs, test matches, football fixtures, through to sporting equipment such as tennis balls for Wimbledon. This list goes on and on, but we hope to have provided an insight into how beer mats have captured the imagination in a way that other media simply can’t, at least not at the price!

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How many of us throw flyers away as soon as they arrive? Leaflets and flyers are invariably discarded as soon as they are received...from letterbox to bin in a matter of seconds. Now, with a beer mat, it serves a useful purpose and, an attractive design will ensure that it is both studied and retained. In fact, with a beer mat, because you can have a different design on both sides, you can deliver your message on one side and have a punchy call to action on the other. Versatile would be an understatement for sure.

Because our beer mats are litho printed in full colour, it is possible to create the most stunning design where impact is virtually guaranteed. Even the biggest cynics have come to realise that beer mats are cost effective, useful and, most likely, one of the few pieces of printed media that is retained for any period of time. There is a sense of irony that some of the early sceptics have become some our biggest fans and they wouldn’t consider running any marketing programme that was not supported or underpinned by a beer mat campaign.

There is no typical buyer of beer mats. We have served individuals wanting a few beer mats for a Wedding Anniversary, through to a taxi firm seeking to promote their services and even a local coach company advertising their timetables. For the cost of less than 20 printed mugs, you could have 1,000 beer mats printed on both sides. 35 printed mugs would be equivalent to 10,000 beer mats. Now you start to see the benefits of using beer mats as part of your advertising or marketing campaign.

But, don’t think you have to limit yourself to our standard sizes (94mm square with rounded corners of 94mm diameter), we can also produce custom shapes and non-standard sizes. If your design can be enhanced through the use of some spot colours or even hot foil stamping, we can arrange that also. Cost effective, versatile and useful. All perfect adjectives to describe beer mats.

If you want to see just how inexpensive beer mats are, take a look at our published prices (including volume breaks) 50 to 10,000 beer mats and 10,000 to 50,000. If you need something a little more exclusive, we will, of course, be happy to provide an individual quotation. Just complete our 3 minute Quotation Request Form and we will get back to you.

Sustainable Resources

Our beer mat board is sourced from suppliers that adhere to the sustainable forest programme. For every tree that is felled, at least one seedling is planted in it’s place.

Renewable Resources

We use vegetable based printing inks rather than the cheaper conventional petroleum based ink. Much lower emissions during the drying process and simplifies the recycling process.

100% Recyclable

Our beer mats are 100% recyclable and can be placed in the paper or cardboard waste bin. We practice what we preach by recycling all our board skeletons and related waste.