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Custom shapes beer mat by Thirstys
Every now and again, a design can be further enhanced when printed onto a custom or unique shape, maximising the visual impact, whether close up or at a distance. And so, it is not uncommon for us to be asked to produce beer mats with a custom shape that fits within our standard beer mats (94mm) or perhaps a non-standard size.

Of course this type of print order creates challenges, but nothing we are not familiar with, or equal to. As a well established beer mat manufacturer we control all print and production so we know a thing or two about the what works and what doesn’t.

Predictably, something that falls outside our standard print runs will require extra attention and the clue is in the description, ‘custom’ or ‘special’. To create a custom shape, we will have to commission a cutting forme and the price of this is largely dependent on the size, whether it fits within our 94mm dimensions or if needs to be set against a non-standard size. But, don’t let that put you off, requests for custom shapes and non-standard sizes are increasing week by week. However, it does mean that we will have to provide you with a Bespoke Quotation based on your specifications and needs.
Custom cut our beer mat

We believe in our product and we have a genuine commitment to getting it right every time. From concept through to delivery, we work with our customers to get the right design and print to maximise their return on investment. Our experienced team is here to help and we have an excellent reputation for service, reliability and attention to detail.

We can produce custom shapes in volumes as low as 1,000 but, because of the cost of the cutting die, a more realistic quantity would be 5,000 and above which will allow you to amortise the cost of the die over a larger number of beer mats, reducing the cost per unit to something more palatable. However, we don’t tell our customer what to do, instead we proffer advice and guidance leaving teh final decision to you. Therefore, if you tell us that you want 1,000 beer mats with a custom shape or non-standard size, we will do precisely that.

From a practical perspective, non-standard sizes and custom shapes have to be planned and scheduled, therefore it is not practicable to commit to our normal dispatch time of 5 working days. A more realistic timescale would be closer to 3 or 4 weeks. If your order is more urgent, then give us a call and we will try to make a plan.

Remember, that beer mats can also be used as an interactive tool, for example, an imaginative use of ‘cut outs’ could have your beer mats used for ‘finger football’. See the image on this page. By way of a taster, we have been commissioned to manufacture beer mats in the shape of a house for a mobile phone network, in the shape of a CD for a music promoter and in the shape of fruit for a cider maker. These are but a handful of examples to get the creative juices flowing.

So, if your design could be enhanced through the application of a custom shape and/or non-standard size, don’t let this deter you. We are ready, able and willing to consider your ideas and, if practicable, deliver on them. If you have the budget, we have the skills, motivation and experience to bring your creative ideas to fruition. Complete our Online Request Quotation Form and we can get started.

Sustainable Resources

Our beer mat board is sourced from suppliers that adhere to the sustainable forest programme. For every tree that is felled, at least one seedling is planted in it’s place.

Renewable Resources

We use vegetable based printing inks rather than the cheaper conventional petroleum based ink. Much lower emissions during the drying process and simplifies the recycling process.

100% Recyclable

Our beer mats are 100% recyclable and can be placed in the paper or cardboard waste bin. We practice what we preach by recycling all our board skeletons and related waste.