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Much is made of the need to lower emissions, reduce waste and of our collective moral duty to consider the impact of what we are doing on the environment. For some, this is just rhetoric spouted by politicians keen to find a band wagon to hang on to or, perhaps, scientists seeking a boost to their research budget. Nonetheless there is a general acceptance that we all need to play our part and we believe that some manufacturers can do more, without too much effort, to make their products more eco friendly. We have done just that!

We only buy our board from suppliers that have undertaken to source their raw materials from forests which are part of the sustainable forest programme. In short, for every tree that is felled, at least one seedling is planted in it’s place. Our board is either derived from wood fibres sourced from these sustainable forests or, 85% already recycled wood pulp mixed with 15% wood fibres from a sustainable forest.

We also use vegetable based inks. Traditional petroleum based ink may be cheaper, but there are other considerations. For example, petroleum based inks are known to emit up to 10 times more ‘Volatile Organic Compounds’ into the atmosphere and these are the type of pollutants that damage the ozone layer. In addition, it is generally accepted that petroleum based inks are more difficult to recycle due to the additional processes that are needed when compared to something printed with vegetable ink.

Vegetable inks are manufactured using renewable resources such as soy, flax and safflower. Although the ink takes longer to dry than it’s petroleum based counterpart, this is not really a problem with porous board such as that used by us in the manufacture of our beer mats. Many would also argue that vegetable based inks provide for a better quality print.

We take great pride in making our contribution to a more environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

Sustainable Resources

Our beer mat board is sourced from suppliers that adhere to the sustainable forest programme. For every tree that is felled, at least one seedling is planted in it’s place.

Renewable Resources

We use vegetable based printing inks rather than the cheaper conventional petroleum based ink. Much lower emissions during the drying process and simplifies the recycling process.

100% Recyclable

Our beer mats are 100% recyclable and can be placed in the paper or cardboard waste bin. We practice what we preach by recycling all our board skeletons and related waste.