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Not everyone is an expert at the various printing methods, so here is a brief and simple explanation of the 3 types referred to here:

Litho-Printing (also known as offset printing)

Litho printing works with all types of printing and provides for a close registration of ink colours, duo tones, half tones and 4 process colours. To achieve the perfect representation of your design, four process colours (CMYK, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) are used on the press. Litho-printing is ideally suited for full ink coverage, reverses and bleeds.

In simple terms, litho printing (or offset) is a process where an inked image is transferred from a plate which has been created with a positive image on it. The plate is then transferred to the press where ink is placed on the image. The image is then transferred to a rubber blanket. Finally the beer mat board is passed between the blanket cylinder and the impression cylinder transferring the image to the board.There is a little more to it than that but we have only attempted to provide a flavour of the process for comparative purposes.

Letterpress Printing

Letterpress is a direct printing method where an inked plate applies the design directly to the beer mat board. The print is achieved by using a press in which a reversed, raised surface is inked and then pressed on to our beer mat board to obtain an image. Letterpress printing can often be identified because of the raised profile of the printing block which creates an indentation on the board. Letterpress is ideally suited to designs with simple messages and with 1 or 2 colours which does tend to limit it’s appeal to most purchasers of beer mats.

Hot Foil Printing

This process of hot foil printing is not dissimilar to letterpress printing and is usually utilised to enhance a design. Hot foil can be applied to beer mats printed using litho or letterpress.

First an artwork block (die) must be produced for your design. The block is then heated before the film of foil is collected and then ’stamped’ onto the surface of your beer mat leaving the design of the die on the mat. Hot foil is typically used for metallic finishes such as gold, silver and copper, but other colours are available.


Eco Friendly

We purchase our board from suppliers that use wood fibres sourced from sustainable forest and we use vegetable oil based inks for our printing.



Real Beer Mats

Our beer mats are manufactured and printed by us using a thick and thirsty wood pulp fibre board. Litho-printed in full colour directly onto the board.



As well as offering volume breaks starting at just 50 mats! We can also offer non-standard sizes, custom shapes, hot foil stamping and letterpress printing.